Monday, September 12, 2005

Another "wip´s "

here another WIP works i made a few months ago and havn´t time to finsh it yet ...
as usual made in max rendered with ... max standard renderer

Some architecture

here i made some projects about arch ..i don´t like that is totally boring i think anyway i made it .. Hope in some future i show you some better variations on this subject ...made in max rendered with brazil (i must try something else it´s borry to write whole the time the same thingy )

3d work in progress ( old guys ) second (not last) part

another old guy ... done in max 7 rendered with brazil and one pic with v-ray .I think that brazil verson looks better
what you think ?....

3d work in progress ( old guys )

here as you can see is old guy portrait ..still work in progress (i hope i make it final somday) Anyway made in max 7 rendered with brazil ( i think so ... )
modelled with poly and subdivision method... Some ppl say that looks a bit like roman sculptures ...hmm

... 2d work in progress

And now something completly diffrent ... 2d work in progress

Some latest 2d works

hallo again !
here are some of my 2d works .They aint so good but i still workin on me (not on my old paintings) Hope it will be better someday .Anyway let get started.First are the oldest one and last thats only Work in Progress pics .Ok here they are :

Sunday, September 11, 2005

hallo world !

hallo and welcome ! Here as you can see i will post some of my works 3d 2d and other
anyway feel free to comment on it .i hope it will be much more than only my works maybe you ´ll see here someday my political comments or just fantasy esseys ...
and sorry for my crappy english

bye ´till next time